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Email Marketing With the Best Software As Per Your Requirements

You now master all the techniques to design effective and impactful emailing, so as to capture new customers, but you do not yet know which emailing software to opt for? To properly choose your emailing solution, you must first assess your real needs and list the features that are essential to the success of your campaign.

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Choose an emailing software: ask yourself the right questions!

Evaluate your needs first

The choice of an emailing solution implies above all to ask you the right questions:

  • How many shipments do you want to make each month?
  • How big is your contact list ?
  • What type of emailings do you want to send?
  • What are the essential features you need?
  • Software for PC / Mac or complete solution in SaaS mode accessible via a web browser?
  • Software solution for small and medium businesses or large accounts?

Choose a suitable formula

Many emailing solutions are available on the market, with different subscription plans whose rates vary according to two main factors: the desired monthly mailing volume and the size of the contact list. There are two factors that will have a direct influence on the budget that you will allocate to your tool for creating and sending emails with mailer inbox php. It will also take into account future developments in your contact list and advanced features offered in each pack.

Do you send transactional emails? Attention, caution!

Different from email marketing, transactional email is an individual communication between the advertiser and one of his contacts. This category includes account opening confirmation emails, order confirmations and information messages related to shipping, receipts or invoices and emails for recovering a forgotten password.

Given the importance of transactional emails, care should be taken to select a service offering high deliverability and optimal routing, so as not to risk the message being stopped before it arrives in the recipient’s inbox. A risk unfortunately present, spam filters can sometimes be capricious.

Creation of emailings: choose the right tool

Most email marketing software now offers visual editors, simple to use, that work by drag and drop . This solution allows to skillfully juxtapose text and image in a few clicks and to achieve a layout worthy of a confirmed webdesigner, without any knowledge in HTML or CSS.

The templates galleries offer different predefined templates, customizable, to design emailings tailored to your targets . Some platforms even offer royalty-free photo galleries to illustrate your messages. The ability to import your own templates for further customization is also a plus.

Do not forget the responsive design

Whatever emailing platform you choose, keep in mind that nowadays, responsive email is no longer an option. Your message must be able to be read on any type of device: smartphone, tablet or computer .

Custom emailings

There are many emailing editors to add variable fields . This technique makes it possible to customize the messages according to the recipient and thus achieve more targeted and more relevant campaigns. The more personalized your message is, the more precisely you answer the demand of your prospects and the better the results of your campaign.

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